• This beautiful poem by Edgar Lee Masters is set to a beautiful and accessible melody with contemporary harmony. This is written for high school voices with a firm understanding of their comfortable range.
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    0002 (2) Siyahamba

    Siyahamba (SATB)

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    Siyahamba (We Are Marching) - Sung in Zulu & English Included are teaching/programming notes that will help to create a more authentic and interactive performance.        
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    Audio files for individual voice parts are available here: Part Recordings
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    This is a fun Thanksgiving round that was created to focus on specific articulation.

    It can be sung in unison, two parts, or four parts.

    It's always a victory when a piece of music can be fun and also a learning tool!

    Comes as a one-page round and in 4 parts written-out!  
    Composer: : Choral Clarity
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  • frost
    poem by Robert Frost

    The story:

    This original setting of “The Road Not Taken" is a poem that connects deeply with our most important life choices.  I composed this piece after I just had a one-on-one conversations with several of my high school seniors; each student was trying to figure out what school was the right fit for them, but felt a sense of fear that whatever choice they made would leave doubt in their minds.  "What if I chose the wrong school?"

    We may believe that we are destined down the road that we are supposed to take. Even so, there may still remain a twinge of wonder or even regret about that other opportunities we passed up.  

    This setting is intended to bring out the wonder and the doubt every step of the way. 

  • There is no black and white. Life it fluid and we dance together for short periods of time, but continue to move in our own direction.  Each passing stranger is important and we should treasure them, as everyone is merely a passing stranger.  
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    This is a fun Halloween round that was created to focus on specific articulation. Included in the music is a list of consonants that are commonly mispronounced.

    It can be sung in 2 parts, 4 parts, or even 8 parts!

    works with any voice combination: all female, all male, mixed

    It's always a victory when a piece of music can be fun and also a learning tool!

  • lullabye

    The story:

    Unborn Lullabye was written for my daughter, Lyla, before she was born. It is a lullabye that tells the story and shares the dreams that a first-time parent may have for their little one. I composed this piece over the summer of 2015.  My wife was due with Lyla on October 6th.  I knew I had planned to take off a few weeks from my high school choral position when Lyla was born.  On September 21st, I had my first Monday evening rehearsal of the year with my Mixed Choir. I surprised them with Unborn Lullabye, which they loved.  They learned the first version of it in about 30 minutes.  My intent was to have it ready by the time Lyla was ready. I was so happy that my choir loved the lullabye and looked forward to continuing working on the piece all week.  When I arrived home at 10pm, on a high, I sat down with my wife on the couch, sharing my experience of the lullabye..........she responded by sharing that she was having contractions.  Twelve hours later, Lyla was born.
  • Christmas Carol Christmas Carol
    This is a simple arrangement of this traditional piece. It is mainly in unison with a beautifully harmonized ending. This arrangement also acknowledges Hanukkah & Kwanzaa. We wish you a Happy Hanukkah! We wish you a Joyous Kwanzaa!