• 0002 Truth
    A meaningful choral piece for Treble Voices that speaks a "truth"   "All we really own is one point of view And everywhere we go just confirms its true But when we lose our truth and it breaks apart, Then love will fill, will fill our heart."
  • The story:

    This original piece is intended to uplift the spirit and unify us together. It should be sung rhythmically throughout. It opens with the feeling of the earth spinning. The verses explain the inner complexity that we as individual faces on a daily basis and how we need to awaken our spirit in order to overcome life's obstacles. The choruses unify the singers and the world as we become voice. The percussion is a reminder that life moves us forward and it is up to us to jump on board and take the journey that we have been given. Together, every heartbeat brings us closer, gives us faith and hope to carry on.
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  • This made-up language is created to and sung as a means to understand the challenges that are faced with coming to another country.   While the words may seem unintelligible, and somewhat comical at first glance, they present a deeper meaning about our global community and how we are all united as one.  
  • This popular poem is beautifully and carefully set to create a powerful image.  The voice-leading and repetition is perfect for a developing choir but the depth of the piece will work with a refined high school, college, or community ensemble as well.