• beauty shines
    Backstory: I was inspired to write this piece during the #metoo movement, as it began to unfold. As a strive to be a role model for my students, this is a topic that runs far deeper than what we see and hear each and every day. Our young adults need to be believe that their beauty shines from within them. They need to believe that they are connected with one another and are never alone. They need to believe in themselves and share there beautiful hearts and souls with the world. When they truly believe that their beauty radiates from inside, they will shine through any dark cloud.
  • This is the standard Music Alone Shall Live 3-part round. It can be used for a processional or as a stand alone performance piece.  
    Composer: : Choral Clarity
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  • This is the standard Jubliate Deo round. It can be used for a processional (group can enter singing in unison) and then break up into 4 parts after everyone is standing in place. It can be used with all treble voices, all bass/tenor voices, are mixed voices.  
  • This is the famous round that can be performed in 3 parts. It can be sung in three part treble voices, three part tenor/basses voices, or a mixture.   Provided:
    1. A one-page round with the entrances clearly notated
    2. A three-page version with the parts written out, and an ending where all parts finish together on a 3-part chord
  • Sale!

    This is a fun Halloween round that was created to focus on specific articulation. Included in the music is a list of consonants that are commonly mispronounced.

    It can be sung in 2 parts, 4 parts, or even 8 parts!

    works with any voice combination: all female, all male, mixed

    It's always a victory when a piece of music can be fun and also a learning tool!