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    The 10 Keys to Eliminate SENIORITIS for good in our Choral Program Senioritis can destroy a choir. When our supposed role models become lazy, unreliable, and defiant, our program suffers. Fortunately, this is something that is within our control! Believe it or not, we have created the ability for our students to act this way AND we have the ability to change their behavior. A change in culture will change senioritis. Download this free 3-page PDF that gives you the 10 Keys to Eliminate Senioritis permanently!  
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    Do you have officers who are ineffective and put their own needs in front of our group's needs. Are your officers lazy? Do they develop a bad case of senioritis? How do they behave during rehearsal? These 10 Steps will ensure your choral program runs successfully, year after year. Developing great officers creates continuity and stability.  It also eases our burden and allows us to be more focused on teaching.

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    Additional resource: Choir Officer Application

  • For many of us, summer is a time to rest up, relax, and spend time with family. While this is certainly important, it is also important to properly prepare for the upcoming school year. Even if you’ve done the things on this list in the past, have you re-evaluated this THIS summer? It will be helpful to review these 12 things, year after year!
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    If you've made it past the interview round, there's a good chance you may be asked to give a choral demo lesson. Here are 17 Tips that will give put you on the path to giving a "killer" demo lesson! This free 6-page downloadable form will be priceless, especially if it helps to get you the job!  
  • This piece, using the poetry of Walt Whitman, brings us to a place of tranquility; a place where the mind relaxes and we can all just "be". This carefully constructed SSAA composition is accessible and fits comfortably in the vocal range of female high school singers.
  • Alternative Concert Assignment-2
    Receive both a PDF and Editable Document that you can customize for your ensemble When your students miss the concert, they should have a meaningful assignment in place of the performance. Students who miss for legitimate reasons should be able to receive full credit for completing this assignment, while students who missed for unexcused reasons should receive a penalty, but still earn most of their points back using this assignment. This 3-page assignment w for more information, read blog post: Your Singer MISSED the Concert......What do we do?
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    Purchase via PayPal/Credit Card and instantly receive a downloadable PDF of this product that can be duplicated for your entire ensemble.
    Please read my blog, The Best Ear-Training Exercise You Will Ever Use, to learn how to implement this exercise within an ensemble, in small groups, one-on-one, with beginners, and even with advanced singers.
  • beauty shines
    Backstory: I was inspired to write this piece during the #metoo movement, as it began to unfold. As a strive to be a role model for my students, this is a topic that runs far deeper than what we see and hear each and every day. Our young adults need to be believe that their beauty shines from within them. They need to believe that they are connected with one another and are never alone. They need to believe in themselves and share there beautiful hearts and souls with the world. When they truly believe that their beauty radiates from inside, they will shine through any dark cloud.
  • DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY AS BOTH PDF AND EDITABLE WORD DOCUMENT (change the guidelines to suit your ensemble)  

    The biggest problem even seasoned teachers face revolves around handling behavior.

    Do you want to Redirect students who aren't following your Guidelines without impacting your schedule?

    This one-page Re-Direction Form will help students who aren't following your Guidelines!

      This one-page Behavioral Re-Direction form is intended to:
    1. Make it easy to follow-through with a system to Re-direct student behavior that doesn't meet your rehearsal guidelines
    2. Re-direct students in a fair and consistent way
    3. Improve student's behavior
    4. Involve parents when necessary
    5. Create minimal work and time for the teacher and/or administrators
  • The story:

    This original piece is intended to uplift the spirit and unify us together. It should be sung rhythmically throughout. It opens with the feeling of the earth spinning. The verses explain the inner complexity that we as individual faces on a daily basis and how we need to awaken our spirit in order to overcome life's obstacles. The choruses unify the singers and the world as we become voice. The percussion is a reminder that life moves us forward and it is up to us to jump on board and take the journey that we have been given. Together, every heartbeat brings us closer, gives us faith and hope to carry on.