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Why I Ditched FINALE for FLAT.IO is the only notation platform that I use to compose with

I have written every single one of my compositions and arrangements over the past 4 years using In fact, just about every downloadable composition and arrangement on the Choral Clarity website has been made using Flat. Prior to Flat, I only used Finale.

Finale is an amazing program, don’t get me wrong. So what changed?


How I found Flat and Why it’s my go-to music notation program

5 years ago, I was fed up with my MacBook. I was tired of spending $1000-$1500 every few years on a new computer. In the meantime, I had become familiar with chromebooks; my school district provided every teacher and student with a new chromebook and I was getting used to it’s practicality.


I suddenly wondered if I could live without a real laptop and switch to only having a $300 chromebook; I figured I would use google as both a storage hub and a means for all word processing needs. Most of my computer needs involved searching the internet. Even managing my Choral Clarity website and writing my weekly blogs would be something that I could do on a chromebook, since all storage is web-based.


Well, I made the switch and ditched my MacBook. Most of what I predicted ended up being true. The only major hurdle I needed to overcome was my music notation software; up until this point, I had written all of my music compositions on Finale. I quickly realized my new chromebook could not support Finale. This is when I desperately began searching for an alternative to Finale.

I searched all of the online notation products out there. I took free trials with both Noteflight and and decided on Flat because it was way more intuitive. In fact, I was able to figure out almost every necessary function without even searching in their help section.


My big “Flat” Announcement……

After two years in the making, I am so excited to announce that Choral Clarity has partnered with, the absolute best online notation program on the planet. As a result, you will get 15% off your annual or lifetime subscriptions at Flat when you use our link.


Watch this video I made to show you how easy this music notation program is to use!


Cost of offers both an annual and lifetime membership. Unlike traditional software, they are constantly upgrading their program. Currently their cost is $49 for the year and only $199 for a lifetime membership. Compare this to paying $279 minimum for Finale (educator’s discount), plus paying for every update moving forward. Since automatically updates their web-based product, a lifetime membership means you will always be up-to-date at no cost to you!


When you use my link, you will save 15% off either the annual or lifetime membership. Choral Clarity is the only place you will get a discount.


Here are some of the free downloadable pieces on that I made with!

By downloading any of these pieces (for free), you will not only get solid arrangements/editions, you will also see the quality level of!


Alleluia Round by Mozart (3 parts)
Dona Nobis Pacem (3-part Round)
Jubilate Deo (4-part round)
Lacrimoso son io Mozart Round
Music Alone Shall Live (3 part round)
Siyahamba (SATB), Siyahamba (SSA)
Viva La Musica (3-part Round)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Here are some Flat-generated scores that I sell on

Dance (SATB – Unaccompanied)
December Holidays Round (4 parts) – Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve!
Hiney Ma Tov (SATB – unaccompanied),
Sih-Tih-Zihn (SSAA)
Simple Gifts (SAB – unaccompanied)
Star-Spangled Banner (SSA –  Unaccompanied)
Thanksgiving/Fall Gratitude Round
This Moment (SAB – unaccompanied)

Final(e) WARNING: IS NOT Finale

(and that may be a good thing!)

This is the reality. Finale is an expansive, complex notation software program that can doing anything you ever want it to do, provided you invest thousands upon thousands of hours to learn. My buddy, Jason Loffredo, who is a world-class musician, has an amazing YouTube channel all about Finale called Conquering Finale. His helpful videos show the complexity of Finale and how to utilize varied functions that perhaps aren’t properly covered in Finale’s help section.

With that said, 99% of us DO NOT NEED the complexity and expansiveness of Finale; just as I switched from a powerful MacBook to a chromebook, most of us would prefer less complexity and more intuitive functionality. Let’s not forget Flat’s cloud-based storage allows us to utilize the program on any desktop, laptop, chromebook, or cell phone!

If you compose choral music for high school, middle school, elementary, community ensembles, church choirs, is likely all you will ever need: take it from someone who has been selling downloadable choral sheet music for the past 4 years, only using Flat!


Here is the 15% off link to Flat!



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