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“Choral Clarity blog posts address a number of topics that have interested and helped me at just the right times. Adam posts articles that are relevant to the time of year and it is always nice to see their headlines pop up in my e-mail inbox. His writing comes from a unique perspective and approach that choral teachers may not have considered before; its refreshing to read opinions and insights that do not sound like every other article of its nature. Now that Choral Clarity has become a Facebook group, the benefits have expanded. When you have a question, a wondering, need an opinion, or simply want to share a proud moment in your choral music teaching career, it is wonderful to have a platform to do so, no matter what point you are at in your teaching career.”

Kaity Melker

“The thing that keeps me coming back to Choral Clarity is the RELEVANCE of the content to my day-to-day teaching. Adam Paltrowitz has a keen sense of what choral music educators struggle with throughout the year and he delivers timely content to meet those needs. Specific and practical would be two words that could describe much of what is presented. The blogs and resources often challenge me to think more critically about the “why” behind the “what” that we get to do each week with our students. Overall, I feel equipped by Choral Clarity to not only do my job better, but to actually become a better person in the process. Grateful for this awesome resource!”

Dan Vukmirowich

“I am a former student leader and conductor of Adam Paltrowitz’ self-select high school choral program, so I can attest that the strategies and step-by-step procedures detailed in the Choral Clarity Blog lead to student empowerment. Now that I am a professional music educator building my own choral program, I turn to the Choral Clarity Blog frequently for practical tips and philosophical inspiration. This website is an invaluable resource for any choral director who dreams of fostering an inclusive choral classroom but seeks guidance on how this dream can come to fruition.”

Jodi Kossin
Conrad Weber
“I’m so grateful for the practical insight and resources I’ve found through Choral Clarity. I’m a better teacher, and my students are becoming more confident and independent musicians as a result.”
Conrad Weber

“Just finished reading your Be Respectful… and 1st Rehearsal…. posts, and I just want to say THANK YOU for all of your posts and materials! Since discovering your site this past Spring, it’s been a go-to place for me for any questions that I have or materials that I’m looking for.”

Johna Rae Barrow

“Hi Adam! I started following your blog when I was searching for solutions to consolidate the things I was doing good and get rid of the things that were not efficient and group productive. I was happy to find that other people were going through the same processes and their solutions worked for me too. I consider there is a huge gap in the conducting bibliography where there are 2 main streams: philosophical books regarding the conducting and beginners/entry level. Adam’s blog fills the need for the “middle experienced” conductors. Thank you for all, Adam!”

Ristea Daiseri
Scott Perau

“Just purchased the ‘Star-Spangled Banner‘ arrangement and rehearsed it for a few minutes at the end of a rehearsal with a small group of mine. We only rehearse for 2 hours a week with this group and our big push is doing a Christmas show set all around town between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Our old arrangement was cool, but needed hours of work to get it performance ready, and therefore we would never be ready to sing at fall sports. Happy to say that this arrangement will allow us to get out and do some fall sporting events without sacrificing the time we need to rehearse our Christmas set.  I should also say that though it is simple, it still sounds really good. I doubt anyone in our audience would ever come up to us and say “you should make that more complex.”

Scott Perau
testamonial 9

“I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough for all of your suggestions, articles, resources and sheer brilliance. Taking on choir after teaching band for 26 years (20 away from choir) terrified me. I’m no longer terrified and I’m having great fun.”

Maureen McDermott Cannon

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