Help With Choral Clarity Uploading Process


About Uploading PREVIEW COPIES (Cover & Pages that customers see)

Your view/preview copy that customers see is NOT the same copy you are selling.

How is my sheet music protected in the PREVIEW mode?


There are several ways on our part and on your part that it is protected:

Our part:

  1. The viewable sheet music is a JPG, not a PDF
  2. Even on a mobile device, the viewable sheet music never becomes full screen, and cannot just be snapped for a perfect copy

Your part:

  1. You can watermark your JPG viewable file with “For Preview Only” or anything you wish.
  2. You can choose to have a portion of the sheet music viewable


If my sheet music is a PDF, how do I get it to become a JPG for the purpose of customer viewing?

There are many websites that convert files from PDF to JPG for free. The conversion may separate the pages, so you may have to drag and drop multiple pages, unlike the PDF product which is sold exactly the way you download it.

Where do I place my “uploadable pdf” for sale?

Halfway down the screen there is a box to check for “virtual” and “downloadable”. Once those two boxes are clicked, all of the functions of digital products are available, such as inserting the “PDF” to sell.

How do I make my sheet music viewable on the product page?

All viewable images must be JPGs, not PDF.  We sell PDF, but view in JPG. The PRODUCT IMAGE is where you place your cover page.  The PRODUCT GALLERY is where you place your remaining pages that you choose to have viewed.  It is completely up to you what you want your customers to see.  They can see all pages, all pages watermarked, just some pages, etc.

What if I don’t have a Cover Page (PRODUCT IMAGE)?

If you don’t have a cover page, use the first page of your piece as the PRODUCT IMAGE. It is suggested that you don’t put the first page in the PRODUCT GALLERY pages in this case.

What is the set STAMP?

When customers order your music, on the bottom of every purchased page will list the following information: licensed to “customer”, “ensemble”, “date”, “quantity”.

How do I link my Recordings (Soundcloud & YouTube) to my PDF products?

Both SoundCloud and YouTube are embedded into our website. If you do not have a SoundCloud account, it is recommended you open one up for free, and download your recordings there.  This is another way to attract customers.  On both SoundCloud and YouTube, you need to click on “embed” and cut/paste that code. Your recordings are housed on those sites, not

How do I make the voicing more specific than Mixed, Treble, Men?

Next to the title of your piece, write the voicing you wish (SATB unaccompanied).  This way, once sorted, customers will be able to see the specifics of your piece.

How long does it take to have my PDF product on the site?

Virtually instantly. It just needs to be double-checked that it is appropriate content.

How do I ensure I’m going to get paid?

Make sure your SHOP SETTINGS on the lefthand side of the page lists your correct paypal address. All sales will show up instantly and payments will be automatic.

What information must I fill out in SHOP SETTINGS?

You must fill out several things in SHOP SETTINGS! ! It is the area that provides everything connected to what you do. The “SHOP DESCRIPTION” is where you will write a brief bio about yourself and/or your product line as well as a link to your personal site; what you wrote in your original profile will never be seen. Your “SHOP NAME” is your composer name; whatever you write as your SHOP NAME is the name listed under all of your pieces.

What if I’m having trouble uploading my files or working my store?

Contact and we will get back to you asap.