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    Do you have officers who are ineffective and put their own needs in front of our group's needs. Are your officers lazy? Do they develop a bad case of senioritis? How do they behave during rehearsal? These 10 Steps will ensure your choral program runs successfully, year after year. Developing great officers creates continuity and stability.  It also eases our burden and allows us to be more focused on teaching.

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    Additional resource: Choir Officer Application

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    PDF and Editable WORD DOCUMENT is provided! - one purchase is for unlimited usage within your ensemble This is a detailed officer application that helps to ensure the correct students are chosen to be officers of your ensemble. The application requires the submission of a resume, cover letter, evaluation of their potential time commitment, skills/desires, and self-reflection on their previous performance within our choral program. Special Bonus: A "voting" ballot that will allow all students to give qualitative input about each candidate

    Check out the corresponding blog post: Why Choir Elections Are a Bad Idea!


    The straight-up choir officer election is a popularity contest, and a waste of many rehearsals. A balloted officer election is more effective but still very flawed.   Here’s a different approach: have a qualitative election ballot. Here are the two main goals  
    1. This ballot is constructed in a way that provides important student input
    2. We gain the appropriate student input to determine the best choices in officers