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How To Teach Anyone To Match Pitch! – ONLINE COURSE


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Imagine being PETRIFIED to sing with others……

because some vocal expert classified you as “tone-deaf”…


Imagine being told by your choir director to “mouth the words” because your singing was hurting the choir…

Imagine WANTING to learn to sing but being told by your choir director you were incapable of matching pitch…

How many students NEVER sing again after being told they couldn’t sing…


This doesn’t EVER have to happen again!


You Can Be the Teacher Who Finds Their Voice!

Be the HERO in their story!

Hi, I’m Adam, founder of Choral Clarity. I am a passionate choral director and voice teacher who believes everyone can learn to match pitch. Not only do I believe this with every ounce of my being, but I have more than 20 years of experience teaching everyone who walks into my classroom and studio.

As a high school choral director for more than two decades, I have accepted all singers, regardless of skill level, and placed them into the same ensemble. In all cases, every student has learned to match pitch. In fact, every singer has also learned to hold their part, sing a solo, and sight-sing.

When WE believe our students can learn to match pitch, our students will believe it too. When WE develop the skills to teach our singers to match pitch, their entire musical world will open up! Matching pitch can lead to SO much more.

Your singers aren’t “tone-deaf”. If you are reading this, I know you believe this too. I’m here to help you teach your singers they CAN learn to sing.

My Choral Clarity 7-Step Pitching-Matching Solution will give you the tools to change lives.



Teach Anyone to Match Pitch TODAY!

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Instantly diagnose the reason why a student isn’t matching pitch
  • Get anyone to match pitch, almost instantly
  • Determine tangible growth in one session and over the long-haul
  • Gain the tools to help a perceived “tone-deaf” singer be ready to sight-sing, sing solo repertoire, and hold their choral part.
  • Be the choral director or vocal director that fosters the belief that everyone can learn to sing!

Learn the Choral Clarity 7-Step Pitch-Matching Solution…

The CC 7-Step Pitch-Matching Solution will give you every tool you need to:

  • Diagnose the underlying issue in 5 minutes or less
  • Conquer the First Pitch-Matching Victory in 5 minutes or less
  • Gain the path from perceived “tone-deaf” singers to students who can sight-sing, sing solo repertoire and hold choral parts.
  • Use the CC 7-Step Pitch-Matching Solution for ALL singers
  • Assess both short-term and long-term pitch-matching growth


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