Pitch-Matching Rubric


Your singers are not “tone deaf!”

Train your weakest singers to match-pitch and build their confidence!

This Rubric is broken down into 5 tangible levels. 

*You will receive a 2-page PDF Rubric 

Eliminate that “tone deaf” myth with tangible steps!



Your singers are not “tone deaf!”

If you want to teach your struggling singers how to match-pitch, this product will guide you and your singers. The first prerequisite for being able to sing (and sight-sing) is the skill of Pitch-Matching (the opposite of being Tone Deaf).

Pitch-Matching is not an “All or Nothing” skill.

Develop your singers from Level 1 (appearing tone deaf) to Level 5 (consistently matching pitch). 

By following these simple steps, all singers will learn to match pitch throughout their entire voice.


This rubric can be used independently or in conjunction with the Sight-Singing Developmental Rubric; within that rubric, where this is the FIRST prerequisite skill.


This rubric is a positive tool to encourage singers!


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Adam Paltrowitz is a master educator, composer, conductor, and clinician.

During his 20-year tenure as the Director of Choral Activities at Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School in New York, his groups have toured throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States.

He also has pioneered a philosophy that every student is a soloist. Adam’s choral program has also gained great acclaim for the cultivation of eight student-run a-cappella ensembles; some of these ensembles have performed on national and local television programs. His compositions and arrangements have been performed by choirs around the world.

Adam earned his B.S. in music education from New York University, M.A. in vocal pedagogy from Columbia University – Teacher’s College, and Ed.M. choral conducting from Columbia University – Teacher’s College.

​Adam resides in Manhattan with his wife, Blair Goldberg, a professional Broadway actress, and their daughter, Lyla.

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