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Simple Alternating Solfege Pattern Rubric


The simple pattern of singing “do, mi, sol” followed by “do, re mi” is one of 6 key elements in preparing to sight-sing.

Here is a rubric that will assess this skill. There are 5 levels of development of this very simple pattern.


Singing “Do, mi sol” followed by “Do, re, mi” can tell a great deal about the aural training of a singer. Use this 10 second exercise with this rubric and see noticeable growth in your singers.


This Rubric is broken down into 5 tangible Levels. 

*You will receive a 2-page PDF Rubric for immediate download

This rubric is a positive tool to encourage singers with 5 Levels for success!

This rubric can be used independently or in conjunction with the Sight-Singing Developmental Rubric; within that rubric, where this is the SECOND prerequisite skill.


This rubric is a positive tool to encourage singers!


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