Why is Choral Clarity choosing to partner with Kinnison Choral Co. and how can you benefit?


Over the past 5 years, Choral Clarity has shared nearly 150 content-driven posts (all searchable by content category on the blog), and over 100 original resources and choral sheet music for instantly download. As the choral landscape continues to evolve, we realized there was an effective way that we could improve our brand moving forward. This is where Kinnison Choral Co. enters, and joins our story.


As of April of 2021, Kinnison Choral Co. is partnering with Choral Clarity to provide the supplemental audio for our sheet music and resources. Moving forward, Choral Clarity will now be offering the highest quality choral rehearsal tracks for each instantly downloadable choral composition/arrangement in our choral catalog as well as supplemental audio tracks for many instantly downloadable digital product, such as the ever popular aural training sheet. These audio products/components will be steadily rolled out over the next few months.


Why did we choose to team up with Kinnison Choral Co. over other companies? 


How our partnership came to be……..the backstory

After experiencing some frustration with the current choral rehearsal tracks my students were using, I came across the Kinnison Choral Co. website. As soon as I clicked on the comprehensive and entertaining 4 minute demo on their homepage, I was immediately drawn in. From there, I clicked on their song library and noticed that each product had demos for more part-specific tracks than I’d seen elsewhere. I then realized that unlike their competition, their website platform allowed for their tracks to be instantly downloaded. It soon became clear to me, this company, while less established, was already innovating rather than imitating.


I reached out to Kinnison Choral Co. both as a potential customer for my high school choir and also as a composer with the thought of building a relationship with the Choral Clarity brand. I had no idea what would transpire from our conversation but it was immediately clear how aligned our visions were. Kinnison Choral Co. portrayed themselves as a music education company that aspired to provide the finest choral rehearsal tracks; this is why in additional to tracks, they share helpful content about vocal technique, tuning, and audio production on their website and social media.


After several conversations, Choral Clarity and Kinnison Choral Co. clarified their joint vision in an effort to help choral directors improve their own choral vision.

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Here are 4 Ways Kinnison Choral Co.’s choral rehearsal tracks are better than the competition:


1. Their full recordings sound like a choir 

Kinnison Choral Co’s approach to their full demo of every song is to sound like a full choir. Their top competitor chooses to make full demos that sound like one voice per part.


2. Their individual choral tracks sound like a section, not a solo singer

Kinnison Choral Co wants a practicing choral singer to feel as if they are singing alongside their entire section. Their top competitor wants a practicing singer to feel as if they are rehearsing alongside one strong singer. I believe in a choral setting an average singers will benefit more in terms of tone and vowel choices when they hear the unified vowels and tone from multiple singers. One singer will be equally useful for learning the notes and rhythms but less effective in modeling the correct vowels, tonal placement, staggered breaths, and overall choral shape.


3. Their full recordings are stylistically more authentic 

Kinnison Choral Co prides themselves it the authenticity of their sound. Their pop a-cappella tracks sound different from Mozart, madrigals, and gospel rehearsal tracks. This, again, is easier to create when emulating a full choir sound; one singer per voice automatically hinders the ability for authenticity in a full demo or part-specific tracks. Just listen to the demo on their homepage to hear the varied styles of their tracks.


4. They provide more ways to rehearse, leading the industry with their part-specific tracks

Kinnison Choral Co. provides rehearsal tracks in a systematic approach that aids all levels of singers. I will explain more about this in a future post. Here are the tracks that they provide for instant download with just one purchase (either on Choral Clarity website or directly on their site).

1. Full Mix: All parts sounding at the same time.

2. Accompaniment Track (if applicable): Plays only the accompaniment.

3. Part-Specific Tracks: Student’s voice part sounding alone with accompaniment, if applicable, or a-cappella.

4. Part-Specific Left Tracks: Student’s voice part panning to the left, so student can practice with a “helper” on their part, while still hearing the other parts panned to the right.

5. Part-Specific Mute Tracks: The student’s voice part is muted while the other chorus parts are sounding. Singers can sing into the mix by themselves!

Unlike their top competitor, this is provided for every single choral track and all pitches and rhythms will be correct. A simple SATB a-cappella package, for example, will include 13 tracks (full mix, 4 part-specific tracks, 4 parts specific left tracks, and 4 part-specific mute tracks). Since all parts are instantly downloaded at the time of purchase, they can easily be posted into google classroom for your choir within 1 minute after purchase.


The Secret Ingredient to Kinnison Choral Co. Quality

Charlie and Carrie Kinnison are both former music teachers who have decided to impact the world of music education by creating the highest quality choral rehearsal tracks available. The Kinnisons believe they can revolutionize the choral rehearsal track industry by setting a higher standard of quality with more authenticity, more consistency, and the best platform to instantly download their tracks. Unlike the industry leader, each track on their website was initially “made to order”, meaning special attention went into the detail of each recording; they recorded each track when a customer requested that track to be made.

The industry leader offers an impressive catalog of rehearsal tracks but many of the recordings were made to build their vast library; a mass-produced, non-customer-specific approach leads to tremendous quantity, but unintentionally creates a lack of consistency and attention to detail. It’s not uncommon to find wrong notes, rhythms, or a style that lacks authenticity.


Using a dining analogy, the Kinnison’s secret ingredient is their intent to create a “specific dish” for each patron, not for the buffet. Compare a buffet to a sit-down restaurant: a buffet will likely have a lot of what you want but the food was prepared for mass consumption. Some of it may taste good but it could also have been sitting out too long; it may not longer be warm, become soggy or stale by the time it has reached our plate. Compare this to a sit-down restaurant with a full, customized menu (hold the mayo, extra cheese, etc). A sit-down restaurant frequently offers specific dishes that have been kitchen-tested and customer-approved.


When you purchase a Kinnison Choral Co. rehearsal track, either they made it just for you or they made it for someone like you who has already given it their stamp of approval.


3 ways Kinnison Choral Co. can help you:



As a partner of Choral Clarity, Kinnison Choral Co. has created a once-in-a-lifetime deal for our customers….pun intended!

If choral rehearsal tracks are consistently a rehearsal tool for your choir, you will not ever find a better deal than this!.


Kinnison Choral Co is offering a limited number of LIFETIME memberships for $1199. This includes unlimited tracks from their growing library for your entire career: this is not an annual membership!

That LIFETIME price is equivalent to roughly 24 tracks on their website and even less on their competitor’s site. Imagine making the investment once and having tracks guaranteed for the rest of your career! This deal is only available through Choral Clarity.


For more information of a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for $1199, click here!


Check out Answer Me When I Call/Psalm 4 as recorded by Kinnison Choral Co.


Here are two other ways you should use Kinnison Choral Co.’s website:

1. If the choral track you are looking for is in their catalog, you can download it instantly off of their site. Since all of their selections were previously custom-made, everything they have will be of the highest quality. In addition, selections in their library will be less expensive than their competitor and available for instant download (unlike their competitor).

2. If they don’t have the track you are looking for in their catalog, you can hire them to make the rehearsal track for $149 and receive it within 10 business days. For an additional $50, you can receive the track in just 5 business days!


Use code “choralclarity21” to receive a 10% discount on  customized tracks or songs in their library.


Check out Peace as recorded by Kinnison Choral Co.


Last Words

Choral Clarity partners with companies that align with our brand. We endorse Sight Reading Factory (10% off with code: choralclarity) for sight-singing both in-class and for homework as we believe they provide the best sight-singing tool on the market. I can’t tell you how many Choral Clarity customers have thanked us for introducing them to this product over the years. I’ve personally walked dozens of readers through the product, answered questions about how to set-up a gradebook, make assignments, or create a cohesive curriculum using their product.


We now proudly endorse Kinnison Choral Co. for choral rehearsal tracks because we believe they provide the best rehearsal tracks on the market. This is why they have been selected to make Choral Clarity’s rehearsal tracks and supplemental audio resources moving forward. On behalf of Choral Clarity, I am so excited about our partnership and I hope that my readers who are considering choral rehearsal tracks will give them a try!