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Self-Assessment Rehearsal Participation Bundle


When singers hold themselves accountable for their own contribution, they are far more likely to improve!

Included are 4 different self-assessments both as PDFs and as Editable Word Documents for daily rehearsal participation. Check description for more info.


When students learn to be self-aware, they tend to become self-motivated. Help your singers to think about their body alignment, how they mark their music, and how well they focus. First you clarify what you expect from them. Next you rehearse these things. Finally, you ask your singers to reflect on their rehearsal participation daily, weekly, or monthly.

This Self-Assessment bundle includes ALL self-assessment tools for daily rehearsals: 

1. Self-Assessment Rehearsal Participation Rubric (monthly/quarterly)

2. Self-Assessment Rehearsal Participation Rubric (daily/weekly)

3. Pre-Concert Rehearsal Self-Assessment

4. Self-Assessment for Remote Students (synchronous & asynchronous)

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